Peace of Cake Cleaning Services

  The Company that gives you Peace of Mind when it comes to all your home needs

Who Is The Woman Behind Peace of Cake Cleaning?

Samantha's Bio

“ I have had a knack for organization & errand running since the age of 16! I possess a hard work ethic to get any job done! I spent a year as a drop off laundry attendant near the oil fields out west where I gained knowledge in washing, folding & ironing clothes, linens & drapery & rig uniforms. I also spent time as a maid with Molly Maid, where I mastered the "Top to Bottom" method & fell in love with the joy I received in helping others. I gained my Customer Service appreciation working as waitress from the age of 14 and bartender from the age of 19 along the broad spectrum of restaurants, diners and bars throughout Michigan. If there is anything I know well, it is making someone happy! I am experienced and professionally grounded to see the point of view of both the producer and consumer, leaving little room for conflict and more time for meeting all the needs and expectations of my customers.
Being a a young mother has allowed me to understand the dynamic of a household. From crayons on every surface but the coloring pages, to dinner splattered walls in the dining room; I spot the signs of little people leaving their crumb trails and finger printed windows. Unlike other companies that strictly look at the money they can make off someone by selling their product, I look to build bridges with people and strong healthy relationships to create a business that yes makes money but also gives back something money cant buy, PEACE. Many families are bogged down by TO-DO lists, overflowing laundry baskets and fluffy dust balls from the family pets floating around the beautiful hardwood floors, that they aren't relaxing at the end of the day. Your evenings should be peaceful and spent with your loved ones, not worrying about all that has yet to be done.

I am thorough and extremely detail oriented; I keep a tidy and organized home and treat each home I walk into as if it were my own. Where most cleaning people leave out the small details like microwave vents and toothbrush holders, I focus not only on a deep clean but also "the little things" so my customers come home to a truly clean home. I love to help people organize and get their cluttered life back in order! I understand that some families just don't have the time, & others just can't physically do what they once could; that's where I come in with extra hands to help keep the background running smoothly! I love to be at the assistance of any/all families that need help keeping their home life clean & tidy! I look forward to meeting you and being of service any way I can! I believe a healthy organized life creates immense opportunities for a happy & peaceful individual and family! I can't wait to work for you & bring Peace to your busy life!"

Peace Love & Happiness,
Samantha Fletcher



Our Mission Statement

Peace of Cake Cleaning's primary goal is Customer Satisfaction, while creating a company devoted to the happiness of the community and society as a whole. As well as partnering with other small businesses that are focused on similar goals along with strong relationships with its customers . We are a company that dreams of creating a more Peaceful & happy lifestyle for society without destroying Mother Earth. For too long our world has stood divided, but everyday is an opportunity to unite and heal to become One! We believe in World Peace, a stress free workplace as well as at home. We promote the use of all organic cleaning supplies, GMO free grocers, all organic health & beauty alternatives, Reduce Reuse & Recycling, reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides that contaminate our water supplies and assisting in helping the homeless community for humans and animals. Together with our customers we can not only make our lives more Peaceful and happy but also improve the Peace and happiness we see in our community.